About Us

PowerWear is the future of enhanced performance: We offer safe, functional equipment for every activity (soccer, ice hockey, athletics, cycling, volleyball, basketball, boxing, swimming, and other sports). Our new and improved design is tight, breathable and very comfortable, made of moisture-wicking spandex and nylon, which conforms well to the body.

It’s high-quality and extremely durable.

It comes in three forms: A PowerVest for core strength and upper body training, PowerShorts that will improve speed and explosive movements critical to your lower body performance, and a PowerSuit for a comprehensive resistance workout.

The clothing contains soft, adjustable weights based on the SOFTWEIGHT SYSTEM (pat.pend.) The hypoallergenic weights do not contain any metal or other hard and harmful materials. The weight hinges around your center of gravity, so you won’t be dragged in one direction or another - making it effective even for aquatic training.

The design of PowerWear is also unique. We’ve utilized a modular system, that allows you to place the weights specifically to the unique shape of your body and increase training performance. 

Throw out metal-lined vests which are harmful. PowerWear supports natural body mobility without causing any discomfort, affecting coordination, stability, or risk of injury. Even users with joint or muscle issues can benefit, as PowerWear may help with the removal of inguinal problems, may promote weight loss, all while being easy to use and convenient to store.

Shorten your training time, while still getting an effective, total-body workout that doesn’t compromise your body’s mobility.

Tried and tested by doctors and rehabilitation staff - PowerWear can help everyone, from those recovering from significant injuries, to those at the top of their athletic game. Consult your doctor or physical therapist before using this product.

Designed and Developed in Finland. 

Pertti Hasanen has won the Finnish Design Award and the ISPO BrandNew Award for PowerWear.


Our Origin

PowerWear began when Pertti Hasanen, founder of Pertti Hasanen Hockey Academy, and the “Pertti System”, wanted a piece of training gear that would adapt to and enhance the already challenging workout systems he used to take his hockey players to the next level. Pertti Hasanen has won the Finnish Design Award and the ISPO BrandNew Award for PowerWear.

As a fulltime Development and Skills Coach for the New Jersey Devils, Pertti’s new proprietary device, combined with the “Pertti System '' has been used to develop players into future NHL athletes.

Pertti has been training athletes for decades, and his experience spans continents and a variety of age ranges and league classes. From coaching in the Junior Tappara organisation, to being the Head European Scout for the LA Kings and Calgary Flames, Pertti’s long standing expertise in what it takes to make a performance athlete is recognized worldwide.

Unconventional methods are nothing new for Pertti, he always takes the road least traveled when developing his players’ conditioning, strength, and coordination. PowerWear was the natural culmination of over 40 years of experience in this field - and is now part of a training system not found anywhere else in the world - until today.

And now, we've revamped our original design to make PowerWear work for everyone. From the waterproof zips, to the three variations of the design.

Today, PowerWear offers every kind of athlete, gym’er, sports enthusiast or even individuals new to exercise, a dynamic new form of resistance that will expedite and enhance their ability to take their performance to the next level.