Tested By World Class Athletes

Tested By World Class Athletes

Convincing Pro Athletes to try something new can be like trying to get blood from a stone. But with our founder, Pertti Hasanen at the helm, we were able to showcase the effectiveness of PowerWear, in all its forms, to some of the baddest athletes on the planet.

From ironwoman Tiina Boman, to Tennis legend Jarkko Nieminen, we’ve put PowerWear into the elite athletic gauntlet and it’s come out on top.

All our athletes noticed an immediate, but not encumbersome resistance to all their movements, and after their workout session with our gear on, with sore muscles and shorter breath (than usual) they were all raving about it.

After a few weeks of trialing the gear, each of them noticed a marked uptick in their performance, which hadn’t gotten in the way of their vital technique or crucial mobility, either. From the power they could generate with each movement, to the fast-twitch bursts of speed they could make, every aspect of their performance was markedly improved.

But the reason we were so ecstatic was because if PowerWear was that effective for performance athletes who have already taken their body’s to the limit of human potential, imagine what it could do for everyone else.

And because we tested it in Pro Tennis, ProHockey, and Pro Triathlete events, we’re assured that PowerWear can slide as easily into any routine as it does onto your body.
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