PowerWear Is Here!

PowerWear Is Here!

We’re so excited to announce the official launch period for our proprietary new training gear, available in three forms, shorts, vests, and jumpsuits.

Our PowerShorts will directly target your quads, calves, and glutes, adding new resistance to your squats, jumps, sprints and any other leg movements you can think of.

Our PowerVests target your core, rotational movements of the torso, and your back, improving the explosive strength of your upper body as a whole.

Our PowerSuits are the whole package, targeting your entire body from shoulder to foot.

We’re also going to show you why the design, material and fit of PowerWear makes it superior to every other form of weighted training gear out there.

And even share what some of our own athletes, who have been trialling the latest range are saying right now about how PowerWear is dramatically enhancing their performance.

So, make sure to watch this space - and if you’re looking to get ahead at the start of 2022 with weighted training gear that completely revolutionizes your performance, no matter how you train, you can order your own PowerWear of choice right here: SHOP

It’s time to take performance to the next level.

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