Building Strength, Speed And Power While You Train

Building Strength, Speed And Power While You Train

Unless you’re a dedicated athlete who can devote 8 hours a day to training and practicing their chosen field, you simply don’t have the time to train both for a sport and to improve your body.

At least you didn’t, until PowerWear. Our proprietary gear quite literally kills two birds with one stone, allowing for functional training alongside a soft-weight system that adds just the right amount of resistance to your movements to trigger muscle growth, improve endurance and push your cardiovascular system to new heights.

And unlike other weighted training gear, which hinges awkwardly and painfully on your joints, or bobs around while you’re moving, PowerWear fits like a second skin and hinges on your center of gravity - allowing natural, fluid movement with that added layer of challenge.

That means that rather than spending 2 hours one day, in the gym, lifting weights, bands or yourself, and another 2 hours on a separate day running track, whacking pucks, or doing laps in the pool - you can challenge yourself and improve your chosen sports performance all at once.

Because it was developed by legendary Ice Hockey Coach Pertti Hasanen, PowerWear is designed with athletic improvement in mind, promoting growth and toning of key, functional muscle groups and fitting so effortlessly into your sports regimen, that you barely notice it’s there. All the while, your body will adjust to the new resistance, and start to push past the limits it never could have faced without PowerWear on.

So, however you train - PowerWear has its place in your routine, and it won’t demand another day dedicated to separate training or a fancy new routine, just keep training the way you love, and PowerWear will enhance your body’s performance naturally and effectively.

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